Arts and Ethics Research Group
An IASH International Interdisciplinary Research Group


The Arts and Ethics Research Group (AERG) at the University of Edinburgh seeks to encourage both new insights and public debate around ethical, legal, and social aspects of the practice and governance of medical research and healthcare.  In doing so, it draws on diverse approaches and methodologies from the arts and humanities in conversation with scientific and medical practitioners.

The AERG strives to be a close-working, active, and enduring partnership of those interested in the possibilities for the arts in humanities research, medical education, and science communication.  Its ambitions are to generate scholarly knowledge, artistic creations, and broader social debate.  To that end, the Discussion page contains threads for the 4 broad themes that will structure the AERG’s work, which include the overarching question about the transformative potential of the arts, and the 3 substantive fields which will occupy our Creative Teams, namely:

  1. medical practice (i.e., the doctor-patient relationship and the patient experience);
  2. communication of science and healthcare (i.e., how arts and the humanities can facilitate robust knowledge-exchange and dialogue); and
  3. innovation and global justice (i.e., values, interests, and power dynamics in designing and delivering global healthcare).

We strongly encourage all AERG Members and Creative Teams to regularly use the Discussion page to develop your ideas and advance your collaborative work, both scholarly and artistic.  We also encourage the use of the Downloads page to share documents and drafts, and to provide us with News and Events information that we can post on the relevant pages.


Members have exclusive access to the Discussion and Download tabs.

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