Update – Edinburgh members meeting Nov. 15th

Published: November 25, 2016 in News

Just to update on the meeting that was held on November 15th at the David Hume Tower. Thanks to Shawn for getting the meet-up organised, it was useful for those of who live locally to meet, and a good chance for those of us who hadn’t met previously to introduce ourselves (Gill, Alette, and Astrid had been unable to attend the first AERG workshop held earlier in the year). We discussed how people’s individual projects are developing/might develop and exchanged ideas relating to paper themes for Creative Team 2 (relating to topics raised here). Cathy Southworth proposed a group visit to the Edinburgh Bio-Quarter to see what people are up to there, so thanks to her for getting us access. Hopefully we can schedule another meet-up for December, so if anyone based in Edinburgh missed this one, please indicate if you would be interested in seeing these happen more regularly so we can keep the flow of ideas going!